5 amazing things you can do with PRTs Ranking Discovery tool

5 Amazing Things You Can Do With PRT’s Keyword Discovery Tools

PRT has three amazing features that we offer our users in addition to the ability to track ranks with a 100% accuracy rate: our exclusive and unique Rankings Discovery Tool, our Keyword Suggestion Tool, and the ability to show you keyword search volume. Now, these features WILL give you a significant edge in organic SEO if used correctly, so today we will discuss the theory and strategic use of one of our keyword discovery tools give you an advantage as far as SEO – The Rankings Discovery Tool:

1. Discover Hidden Ranked Keyword fors Almost Any Website

Hidden keywords are keywords that you aren’t yet aware of that rank top 100 in a search engine for a particular website. These are keywords that you didn’t promote directly, and as a result, these words fly under the radar and unfortunately go undetected by many website owners and SEO consultants. Their full potential to bring quality traffic to a website, therefore, goes unfulfilled. Currently, there are very few methods to discover those hidden keywords; You can stumble upon them by accident, randomly (and painstakingly) scout the top 100 results of SERPs, OR use the best option available to SEO professionals on the market today — a specialized keyword tool for their discovery – PRT’s Ranking Discovery Tool.

Now, before we get to why it’s so important to discover and promote hidden keywords for your websites, you need to know how hidden keywords come to the world in the first place. Believe it or not,  they’re just a positive side effect of a regular organic SEO campaign. Let’s say you’re promoting the following keywords for a local cake decorating website in Denver, Colorado:

  • Cake decorations
  • Birthday cakes
  • Cake printing
  • Wedding cake
  • Gluten-free cake

If the SEO campaign proves successful, these words grow in rank to high positions and all involved are content with the results. But, as much as it’s a great result, many don’t realize that it isn’t the optimal result you can have. As your website becomes increasingly favored by Google’s overlord algorithms, other related keywords you didn’t directly promote start being influenced positively, and some graduate to the coveted top 100 positions, depending on what content strategy you used. It could be keywords such as “cake decoration in Denver,” “birthday cakes delivery,” “gluten-free cake for birthdays,” and others. These are keywords that have some search volume and can bring relevant quality visitors to the website. As a result, pure passive organic traffic begins trickling to the website following those keyword graduations. But, if you’re not aware of this phenomenon, you’re not actively searching for hidden keywords, and this passive traffic trickling remains but a fraction of what it can become. In our example, we used just 5 keywords. Imagine the possibilities when you promote dozens or hundreds of keywords for a website! It’s entirely possible to get two hidden keywords for every “main” keyword that you promote, and maybe even more, depending on the type of SEO campaign you’re running.

Since these words already have some momentum going, they’re already in the game and just need that extra boost to rise to high positions. Ranking them from that state will be considerably easier than from scratch. The Ranking Discovery Tool was designed specifically to address this phenomenon and discover these “lurking” words for you. I won’t go into the technical details behind the algorithm of this important tool, but in a way, it is reverse engineering the ranking process of search engines. The great thing about this tool is that it utilizes its own unique methods of research, and it doesn’t rely on fighting the arms race against the search engines. The beauty behind that is it will essentially have the ability to discover hidden keywords no matter what the search engines throw your way in the future. If anything, believe it or not, it will actually become better at it the harder the playing field gets. This tool will remain operational for as long as there are SERPs and PRT.

How To Use PRT’s Ranking Discovery Tool

Operating our keyword discovery tool is a very simple process. You can input any URL and immediately reveal all the possible keywords on record that rank at least within the top 100 in any search engine on record. Here is, for example, the keyword data from a website that I’m tracking with PRT:

01 keyword Rankings Discovery Tool


As you can see, I’m tracking 4 different keywords making a total of 19 types of ranks, but I want to see what other keywords that rank top 100 on different fronts for this website I can discover. We’ll go to the Ranking Discovery Tool and input our website, and here is the result:

Rankings Discovery Keyword Suggestions

Rankings Discovery Keyword SuggestionsB2

Using the best keyword research tool that is PRT, we found 2951 additional top-100 keywords were discovered for this website on all kinds of fronts! From Google local, mobile, and other search engines. (It’s important to mention: this effect is not exclusive to Google and happens in any search engine you promote for.) Now, wouldn’t it be awesome to get those to top 10 positions and reap all that extra traffic for yourself/your clients, traffic that you deserve and that stems from your initial SEO campaign? Various related long-tail keywords and others just wait there for you to get them to the spotlight, and without actively discovering them, these keywords can go shamefully unnoticed.

Discovering hidden keywords is especially great for e-commerce websites that have hundreds of products that might dwell in the lower top-100 positions undiscovered, and the main benefit from rising in position is, of course, more purchases and a bigger revenue.

2. Impress Clients, Improve your Sales Pitch and Close More Deals with Ranking Discovery

Coming to a sales meeting with new clients is never an easy task. You need to be able to stand out in the saturated market of other SEO agencies and experts gunning for new clients. One great way to level up your pitch and improve your chances of closing a deal is showcasing the Ranking Discovery Tool and giving value from the first meeting! There’s nothing that makes a sales pitch more solid than presenting value to a potential customer.

To better understand how, let’s use a hypothetical client you’re trying to woo who owns a clinic in Toronto offering chiropractic services, physiotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, and various other relevant complementary medical treatments. He has some minor organic presence in Google, maybe from some SEO he did on his own, or maybe from previous SEO experts who worked for him. He is currently looking for someone to promote his website organically. I will be referencing PRT’s reporting solutions, so you should read up on our white label reports HERE). So here are a few things you can do before coming to the meeting:

Show Insight About the Client’s Website

You start by researching the client’s own website with the keyword discovery tool and see what keywords (if any) rank top 100 on search engines. Let’s say that you discover relevant keywords for his website, which is great! (If you didn’t discover any keywords, don’t worry, as this can be a good indicator that this website’s organic SEO can seriously use your help to grow.) Input those keywords into PRT and generate an overview report that shows some of the discovered keywords. (You don’t want to show all the cards). This will show the client that you already know the SEO state of his website better than him and, chances are, better than any previous SEO expert that has worked for him. He probably didn’t even know about hidden keywords before you showed up and hadn’t heard of any method to discover them. This, in itself, is enough to make you stand out.

Show him insight about his competitors. The villains in our story are three main local competitors that dominate Google, and they are who our client wants to overthrow:

  • Pacific Wellness
  • King West Chiropractic
  • Toronto Physiotherapy

This is the most crucial information for this method to work, as these three villainous websites will be the fuel for our Ranking Discovery Tool. You write those three websites down, input them into the Ranking Discovery Tool, and let the fun begin. Here’s what our tool discovered for those websites:

  • Pacific Wellness – 114 keywords
  • King West Chiropractic – 79 keywords
  • Toronto Physiotherapy – 74 keywords

Not only did we easily discover a bunch of relevant keywords that these websites are currently successfully promoting in this niche, but we can also see that with some tender SEO love and care, we can dominate this niche and help our clueless client make big bucks. This is something you cannot do with free keyword research tools that don’t bring much value to your strategy. From here, we can help him kick out the villains from the top positions and become his hero for doing so, getting a sweet testimonial as well as a ton of referrals and leads. Note that if you really want to be thorough, you should do this checkup for at least 10 competitor websites and get even more ideas and relevant keywords. Take the keywords that you discovered for the competitors (again, not everything… you don’t want to reveal all your secrets) and generate an overview report that will showcase all that keyword data.

Another note about reports: In case you haven’t read our previous article about our reporting solutions (here is the link so you can check it out), one of the greatest benefits of PRT’s reports is that they can be 100% white label and branded with your company’s logo and details. So, not only will the potential client be seeing all this amazing, fresh data, but he will be seeing this on reports embellished with YOUR logo, making all this seem like your own private technology! Maybe you’re not a huge agency, but you’ve got the right skills. This will level the playing field allowing you to look as professional as possible. All the reports that I mentioned above can also be presented in a more mind-blowing way, leveling up your first impression even further, with the MyRanks mobile app. This app shows the exact data a report can show, only live through your mobile or tablet using MyRanks (also white label).

Help your clueless client figure out the best keyword for his niche

Help your clueless client figure out the best keywords for his niche

So, unlike other SEO agencies that act obscure and try to make what they’re doing seem like some secret art, you can be the exception and show your potential client some actual data and insights about their competitors and their own website and niche. Data that, with your expertise and wisdom, can turn into traffic and dollar signs. Chances are he already encountered a few SEO experts that acted vague, and seeing you present them with actual knowledge they had probably never seen before will at the very least make you stand out positively among the competition.

3. Niche Keyword Research with Ranking Discovery

You can research virtually any existing niche with this tool and discover almost all the relevant keywords that are being promoted in a niche with a few simple steps. The process is as quick as it is easy.

Start by tracking 3-10 of the most popular websites in a certain niche. You can roughly estimate who they are by searching a few common keywords and deducing which are the dominant websites by how well they rank plus your overall impression. Next, use the Ranking Discovery Tool to show you all the keywords that rank top 100 for these websites. In a moderate niche, the number of different keywords you will discover can be in the thousands, but in a very popular niche, this can go up to tens of thousands of different keywords to go over.Do free keyword discovery tools provide this much data, especially long-tail keywords? Probably not.

The real beauty of niche research with the Ranking Discovery Tool is not only that it will show a diversity of relevant short- to long-tail keywords, but it will also show all their ranks in all the different search engines, INCLUDING different Google ranks (such as local ranks and mobile ranks)! Needless to say, analyzing these results will give you a pretty good general picture of what you’re up against: finding the best keywords to track for your website on what search engines, the state of various keywords by rank types, and what the niche leaders are promoting on what fronts.

experimenting keyword for SEO

Niche research using PRT’s keyword discovery tools (the green vials are Google)

4. Competitor Espionage with Ranking Discovery

Unless you (or your client) are 100% fresh and starting a brand new niche, chances are you are entering or operating in an existing niche, and that means you have competitors to worry about. Keeping track of your competitors is basic SEO knowledge, and with Ranking Discovery, you can gain some pretty cool and valuable insights to those competitors. Just as with the niche research, you’ll monitor your competition, but instead of gaining the broad niche picture, you’ll be “zooming in” just to monitor your direct competition.

Start by adding those competitors for tracking with PRT. Next, input them into the Ranking Discovery Tool, and within a few seconds find out what they are up to! You will effectively see all the keywords ranked top 100 on record for those competitor websites for all major search engines and various types of Google ranks. Some of these keywords might be hidden for your competitors, and they might not even be aware of them, meaning you can target those keywords and promote them for your website instead of letting them have the upper hand.

Expert in Keyword SEO

A SEO expert using his keyword discovery tool that’s in the form of a crystal ball to show him almost any website’s top-100 ranks.

5. Expanding and Growing with Ranking Discovery

This is great for developing existing clients or for new clients that already have some SEO presence going. Unless their previous SEO expert was aware of the hidden keywords phenomenon (most chances he wasn’t), this can be huge selling point for a new client that didn’t even know of all those new keywords that can bring him traffic. To illustrate the potential of possible growth, let’s do an experiment with the tool by choosing a random website to investigate:

To begin the experiment, we need to choose a sample niche—let’s say, footwear and clothing e-commerce, a highly competitive arena of the e-commerce world. Next we search google.com for the keyword “Adidas superstar,” a popular model with an estimated search volume data of roughly a million and a half monthly searches. From the top 90-100 positions, we randomly pick an e-commerce website offering this model: http://www.tactics.com/. From a brief glance and a general impression, this is a medium-sized website that fights bigger guys in the arena of this niche. So let’s see the results when we insert the URL into the tool:

Rankings Discovery Keyword SuggestionsC2

Rankings Discovery Keyword Suggestions

As anticipated, it actually discovered 1386 keywords that are ranking at least top 100 for that website! Also, notice the diversity and various search engines and different types of Google ranks.We bet that other keyword discovery tools cannot give data as rich as ours. Plus, in case these keywords move in rank, rest assured that PRT is also an SEO notification ranking tool that will alert you for changes so you can immediately adapt the appropriate strategy.

Now, I don’t actually know how Tactics goes about their SEO since this was an entirely random selection, but I can reasonably estimate that their SEO team isn’t necessarily aware of ALL those ranks for their website and could really benefit from seeing a bigger picture of keywords ranking top 100 for their website. Assuming I’m right, out of all these keywords, I’m sure there are at least a few hundred that they’re not aware of and can be promoted to top positions. Alternatively, their competitor can analyze these results and use them for their own benefit, like I mentioned previously in competitor research. You, just like any business you are trying to promote, want to grow and improve your organic hold in a niche, and if used correctly, this tool might be a game changer for them and you.

So, those were 5 awesome things you can accomplish with PRT’s Ranking Discovery Tool that your free keyword research tool cannot. How about you take this keyword discovery tool out for a spin and see for yourself what hidden gems and wonders you can discover for your websites? I think you will be pleasantly surprised no matter what niche you’re tackling. Join tens of thousands of PRT users who have discovered, collectively, millions of new keywords in hundreds of niches for their websites today.

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