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4 Ways To Appear More Established Using PRT’s Rank Tracker Features

If there’s anything we’ve learned from people’s perception of businesses and brands it’s that looking professional and established matters. It may not be the only factor for success, but it’s a factor nonetheless. You can be the highest quality service provider at something but still, be utterly ignored if your image and the first impression you make aren’t solid enough. Many sub-par businesses thrive and get the upper hand solely by being an established brand, and it certainly isn’t fair for new players. Even in the field of SERP trackers, some very well-known players have been giving their users mediocre (or lower) accuracy rates for years and have been going strong regardless.

In SEO’s highly competitive environment with huge powerful players, you must use every edge you can get to grow—from being an expert on little-known but profitable niches and using clever marketing methods, to strategically using the best and latest SEO tools on the market. Today we’ll focus specifically on the amazing benefits of empowering your brand and looking like a real pro by using PRT’s white label solutions  and its other rank tracker features for your business.

Looking like a large, impressive SEO agency with white label ranking reports – First and foremost, white labelling the SEO ranking reports you send to your clients is one of the ABCs of brand maintenance. Regardless of what SEO field you operate in, you need to have a solid brand. This is true especially if you’re a new business on the market. White label reports with your logo and branding can help you look like a highly established business, and if you’re already established, it will reinforce your brand even further. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, I recommend you read a little bit about it here before you continue the post:

The Amazing Value of White Label Solutions for SEOs

The idea of white labelling is simple: you place PRT completely backstage and place your company’s logo and details on the front instead. Hence the term “white label” – the label of the SEO tool becomes a blank canvas for your logo. There are several levels for this. Going from basic to most powerful:

White label SEO ranking reports – These are the most basic white label feature (any decent SERP tracker should have at least these). The SEO ranking reports you generate and send to your clients through the system can be configured to have your logo and details on them. Also, you can insert any header and footer details you want into any report, including images!

This is the Overview Report, the most basic out of a total of 11 report types you can generate with PRT.

This is the Overview Report, the most basic out of a total of 11 report types you can generate with PRT.

Besides the custom logo, header and footer, the data the reports show is also highly customizable to suit the target. You can generate a minimalist report for a client who’s not too SEO savvy, showing just the bare-essential data of just keyword+url+rank, or create a highly advanced report that will show a more adept client you mean business. You can even prepare a few glamorous case studies, using PRT’s ranking reports with graphs, that will show successful SEO campaigns you led in the past—all with your logo instead of PRT’s. Dazzle your potential clients and show them that they can be on these reports of success.

We have a total of 11 different types of ranking reports for you to choose from to cover just about any need that might arise. A more in-depth study of how to best use our reporting solutions can be found here:

The 11 types of SEO ranking reports you absolutely must know (+special premium features)

MyRanks mobile app for clients – Here is a unique, premium, white-label mobile app you can give your clients! The brand MyRanks is a derivative of your main PRT mobile app, but it stands separately as its own app. You can set a unique username and password for your clients and pick the relevant ranking data for them to see. The app will show them their ranking data live show them their ranking data live, from the convenience of their phone and whenever they choose. By showing your future clients this app, they will see they don’t have to wait for a daily email report if they don’t want to, and they can simply open their app and check up on how their ranks are doing on the go, no matter where they are, as long as there is internet reception. It also shows them that you are a professional who will always keep them updated and in the know—something that the big SEO agencies perhaps don’t even offer their clients. If you’re a small business, this can also make you look slightly bigger and more powerful since it shows you have solid technology at your disposal. This is what PRT rank tracker features can do!

The app is available for any mobile OS, and best of all – no PRT logo! This app is 100% white label and will have your company’s logo and contact details:

Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-10-49   Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-17-57   Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-43   Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-24

MyRanks is quite unique in the SERP tracker landscape, and it will help you to stand out—chances are, the SEO expert before you didn’t have anything like it. Although it’s considered a premium feature, MyRanks is available starting from the Bronze+ ($39) monthly plan, so you don’t even have to be a huge enterprise agency to have access to it! Many of our users consider this one of our top features to have as far as impressing clients is concerned. You can generate as many MyRanks ‘accounts’ as you like, regardless of your monthly plan.

You can read more about MyRanks in detail here:

Taking white label reports to the next level with MyRanks

Sub accounts for impressing special clients and for efficient workflow – Sub accounts are basically smaller, more limited PRT accounts that branch out from your “main” PRT account and are controlled from your main dashboard. Every sub account comes with its own unique username and password, which you can easily set. You can define what data each sub account gets to see/edit and what level of access permissions each sub account will have:

You can even set a UI language other than English for a client who prefers it in his native language!

Sub accounts have several awesome benefits. First of all, they are great to give to colleagues, as they’re traditionally used for distributing tasks and improving workflow and order. But many don’t realize sub accounts become especially useful and allow you to shine when you give them to a client. If you really want to stand out and impress an important client, just give them access to their very own sub account and see the difference it makes. Certain types of people like to feel included in the process and be “in the loop,” and if you recognize those types of people and give them MyRanks or a sub account, you will win them over.

Best of all, sub accounts are also white label, and you can brand them with your company’s logo and details, including parking a sub account on your domain! It will look like you have your very own branded SERP tracker:

Here is PRT’s dashboard before  being white labelled:

And after:

Another cool feature of sub accounts is that they are accessible via the PRT mobile app, which is more extensive than the MyRanks app, and can give the user editing permissions and more control (you configure the level of desired control for the sub account). Like MyRanks, although it may be a premium feature, you can have it starting with the Bronze+ ($39) monthly plan! Now, do you know other apps that offer the same rank tracker SERP features that PRT does? Probably not.

API access – If you already have your own SEO tool and platform, and you just need a reliable source for the most accurate and up-to-date SERP data on the market, you can tap into our data and have it streamed directly to your system. As an established SERP tracker, our ranking data is the most accurate and reliable, simply because we are specialized in rank tracking and have been developing our algorithms for years. We are closer to the source and get it straight from the horse’s mouth, sort of speak. SERP data is collected from the following search engines:

All Google sites, with optional local targeting and mobile results

All Yahoo! and Bing sites

YouTube, Amazon and other sites

See the FULL LIST.

API access is available, starting from the most affordable enterprise plan . And if needed, our support team will help you set it up in no time.

Eventually, the benefits are not just to your brand but also to your budget. Instead of developing your own SERP-tracking platform, save time, money and effort and ‘outsource’ your rank tracking to us – let us be your technology while remaining backstage. You will have the most accurate SERP tracker on the market to literally call your own! Plus, you get to take advantage of the other rank tracker SERP features that PRT offers in an instant! In fact, many huge SEO agencies and e-commerce websites that supposedly have the budget and power to develop their own platforms actually prefer this method over developing their own systems because it’s more economically feasible in the long run.

There are many other ways to approach this subject of how to look like a true professional. Some businesses will use shady tactics to appear more established and bigger than they actually are by buying followers/likes/shares on social networks from bot developers, but this is highly controversial and is a frowned-upon approach many will consider as fraudulent. Using white label solutions to bring out your brand is an honest way to look like the pro you perceive yourself to be. If you know you can deliver results, and you are just as good as or better than the typical SEO expert or SEO agency working a campaign, then you deserve an edge to look as impressive as your actual potential!

Look like a pro AND float on a cloud above the city and your competitors by taking advantage of  the rank tracker features offered by ProRankTracker

To finish this post, here’s a little story of branding from the world of boxing – Floyd Mayweather Jr., arguably the greatest boxer in recent times, famously changed his moniker from ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd to Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, and the money followed suit, eventually making him the most profitable boxer in history. This rebranding is, of course, not solely responsible for his insane commercial success, but it was nonetheless an essential piece of the puzzle.

We at PRT know that our users have their own clients to impress, so PRT’s goal from the start has been about helping SEO experts and agencies establish themselves and be placed at the tip of the SEO spearhead. Part of that effort revolves around brand building and maintenance. We want you to appear bigger and more established and give yourself an edge over the larger players so you can focus on what matters – bringing high-quality SEO to your clients and websites.

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