Steps to Level Up Your Sales Pitch to New Clients Using Secret SEO Intel

Level Up Your SEO Sales Pitch Using Secret SEO Intel From PRT

3 Steps to Level Up Your SEO Sales Pitch to New Clients Using Secret SEO Intel From PRT

So, today we’ll talk about a few great ways you can use our rank tracker when pitching your SEO expertise for new clients. As this is a PRT blog, I will be referencing our system and features. However, if your tool has features comparable to ours, I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to implement this method (if not, you can always take our free membership for a spin!).

Being in sales for many years myself, I know firsthand that pitching is an art form, and like all art forms, it isn’t easy to polish. Even the best SEO sales pitch will never be perfect, as it is always a work in progress. It’s constantly evolving, and you should always strive to improve it. However, as you progress and learn, you quickly find that certain key elements become foundations that you can build upon.


One such foundation is value. If there is one thing I learned about negotiating long-term deals for high-end services, it’s that there’s nothing that makes a sales pitch more solid than presenting VALUE to a customer, and that’s the main point of today’s article: giving value and insight to potential SEO clients by cleverly using our resources. Unlike other SEO agencies that act obscure and try to make what they’re doing seem like sorcery, you can be the exception and show your potential client some actual data that, with your expertise and wisdom, can turn into traffic and dollar signs (or bitcoin signs, if that’s how they roll). Your SEO sales presentation should be clear and data-driven and based on in-depth keyword research–not some mumbo-jumbo that the previous SEO agency might have shown in their SEO proposal.

If you’re running an SEO agency and looking for the best way to sell SEO services, then you’re in the right place.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can use data from PRT and include it in future pitches.

SEO Sales Pitch Presentation Like No Other

One great approach we’ll be discussing in this post, is showing potential clients insights about their competitors and their own website and niche.

For our SEO sales pitch example, we’ll take a look at an imaginary client you’re trying to woo who has an e-commerce website that sells footwear and has some minor organic presence in Google, maybe from some SEO he (or she) did himself and maybe from previous SEO experts who worked for him.

{Step 1  Showing your future client unique data and valuable intel about his company’s website}

If you’re looking for a strategy that’ll get your client’s website higher on the search engine rankings, then SEO prospecting is a great way to test what content will work best. This technique involves building out some low-volume pages with specific keywords to identify which ones have potential for ranking well through organic traffic alone.

The biggest advantage of SEO prospecting is that it can be done without spending too much time or money creating artificial backlinks from other sources like social media sites to save on resources. You can test for keyword validity before investing resources into developing an entire site around one keyword. 

And to get the keywords you can propose to focus on, you need none other than ProRankTracker.

Before going for that sales meeting, input your potential client’s website into PRT and go to our RANKING DISCOVERY TOOL (the tool that reverse-engineers search and shows you what keywords rank top 100 for a website). Chances are that if he did some SEO in the past, the tool will actually find some keywords that are already ranking top 100 for his website in Google and various search engines. Add those words to our tracker.

{Step 2 – showing your future client valuable data about his niche}

Open the KEYWORD SUGGESTION TOOL. This tool will reveal other keywords that are relevant to his website and niche, so add those to the tracker as well. Now you’re beginning to form a substantial case about your client and already have something to show for.

{Step 3 – Showing your client data about his website and niche is amazing, but this is where it really gets juicy and where you can truly blow his mind – showing data about the villains in the story – his competitor/s}

This part requires some advance research as well, so here’s what you need to do – let’s say your client is selling “Adidas superstar” a popular footwear model. Search google for “Adidas superstar”, then choose a website that ranks in the top 20 for that keyword that resembles your clients’ business the most. Next input that website into PRT; this will be our villain’s website.

Using the same method as in step 1, simply input the villain’s URL into the RANKING DISCOVERY TOOL and see what the villain is ranking for. Chances are the tool will discover hundreds if not thousands of ranked keywords for the dominant villainous website (and that’s not even including what the KEYWORD SUGGESTION TOOL can dig up). Add just a selected 100 discovered keywords or so to the tracker – this will form the competitor case study to be presented in the meeting. The reason behind choosing just a selected few is to bring your client just the prime-cuts of that data if you will, as in – don’t show all your cards; he should know there is MUCH MORE waiting to be discovered.


Closeup on a business handshake after a successful sales pitch

From all the gathered data mentioned in the steps above, generate an online shared report (here’s a sample shared report to show you what we’re talking about. Password is 1234). At the meeting you will be able to show your client a link with rankings for his website and a few other potential keywords he should be promoting with your help of course. Some of it might be data your client wasn’t even aware of! It’s possible that no one before you ever showed him that, least of all the other SEO agencies that had approached him (trying to be all mysterious and not very outgoing), and here you are, bringing this amazing technology and insight. If anything, it will certainly make you stand out among the pack.

He should know that with YOUR expertise, you can get his website to rank top 10 on all the keywords that matter! Not only will he see how well his competition is doing, but suddenly there will also be a picture of his niche painted through keywords. Together you will see what keywords the villain ranks for in the top 100. You will see the low-competition words that can be conquered relatively fast, and possibly even gain niche-relevant keyword ideas that he and his previous SEO guys didn’t even come up with! This will be the time to mention how it’s his URL that should be ranking for those words and how YOU are the one that will make it happen.

Pitching SEO Services That Go Beyond Google

In our SEO sales pitch example, this client only has some minor Google presence – Google accounts for only 2/3 of all searches, what about Yahoo! and Bing?? Surely you can right that wrong by making his website visible to the other THIRD of the market, and he needs to know that. If that’s the value you can show even before he hired you, it’s pretty obvious that he will also imagine the future possibilities. In a sense, by showing him all that, you’re also future-pacing him to work with you.

Bonus advantage 1 – The great thing about this method is that you also get to show off your brand and power through case studies visualized with stunning PRT reports. Like I mentioned so far, all that data will be generated through our reports, and since we have white-label support, these reports should obviously be emblazoned with your amazing logo. Seeing YOUR logo on those reports will anchor the fact that PRT is essentially YOUR technology. If you like you can even take it one step further and generate a sub-account and brand our entire system with your logo and details, keeping us entirely backstage.

Bonus advantage 2 – Show your clients what you can do for them with case studies of previous success stories represented with graph reports – i.e. you took such and such keywords website under your wing, and after a few months, they rose from obscurity to top 10 positions and drove a ton of traffic to that website, etc. Your potential client wants the same result, and showing this concrete evidence will only help your cause. Not another “give me $1000 a month and let’s see what happens” statement, but a precedent of ACTUAL results.

Bonus advantage 3 – You can tease them about other strategies like SEO link building that can help improve their website’s performance in the SERP. Tell them how Google doesn’t only look at the content when judging a webpage’s relevance. Explain that Google also considers how many links are on that page from other websites, both high-quality and low-quality ones alike. After all those factors have been taken into consideration, search engines will rank your website higher if it has plenty of trustworthy backlinks pointing towards the page. Having an SEO link building proposal ready can help your client understand its importance and how the strategy can benefit their business by improving their website’s SERP ranking.

And that’s just the beginning, I’m sure there must be more ways you can use us to present value for your clients and get them to close. So, go out there and start using the power of this tool! Make it easy for them to understand search engine optimization and how it can benefit their business.

Don’t Forget Your KPIs

Part of the sales process is ensuring your service is giving value to your client. Once you’ve captured the client, don’t forget about the SEO onboarding process to set both party’s expectations! SEO onboarding is the process of reviewing goals, scope, deliverables, and expectations with your new clients. In return for this service, clients receive an in-depth understanding of what they’re responsible for as well as the reasoning behind decisions made within your business operations. The SEO onboarding process also involves setting reasonable expectations on timeframes or KPIs (key performance indicators).

Not a PRT member yet? Time to get on board and start kicking-ass and blowing minds in sales meetings with future clients. Oh, and our basic membership is totally free! Also You don’t need to pay to use the RANKING DISCOVERY TOOL that is the base of this method, as it essentially comes with our free account, but to really give it a decent spin you should probably get a paid account.

Luckily, we also have a great refund policy, so you can actually pay for just a couple of weeks of experimenting. It’s noteworthy that many of our new members, after trying out the tool, actually decided to keep their paid membership.


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