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FREE detailed SEO site audit – Find out if your websites are properly optimized for Google

A full detailed SEO site audit for free. Find out if everything is tuned up correctly and start improving your search engine ranks today!
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A beginner’s guide to monitoring your backlink strategy with PRT

Having high quality backlinks is one of the building blocks of…
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The History and Importance of the Mythical Backlinks

One of the first terms anyone encounters when taking their first…
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The 6 biggest OUTDATED rank tracking industry standards

There is a problem with industry standards in general. This can…
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The 2019 Layer Cake of Google Ranks

We often discuss here on our blog how a Google rank is more complicated…
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Another strong case has been made for promoting for Bing as they upgrade their Webmaster Tools

Bing announced recently that they now let users submit up to…
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More than SERP Tracking: 5 Unique Extra Features and Supplements to Make SEO Life Easier

We always stress the importance of SERP tracking as the number-one…