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Amazon’s A9 algorithm SEO guide (Part 1): Internal optimization

It doesn't matter if you have a small Shopify website or a huge…

SEO common mistakes: Canonical tag and 301 redirect

One of the most common mistakes in SEO is having a flawed meta…
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Does your website suffer from cannibalization?

Cannibalization. A horrid human practice prevalent during certain…
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Rankitor: A powerful and light SERP tracker that will SAVE you money

We are proud to announce our child: Rankitor. A minimalist…

Cool voice stats and facts for SEO in 2019 and beyond

If you've been following our blog, you know we mention voice…
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CMS Showdown part 4: Shopify Review

This unique cloud-based CMS is designed specifically for eCommerce…
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CMS showdown part 3: Joomla and Drupal

These two CMS are rarely discussed on SEO blogs and are considered…
New York Wix Service and Support

CMS Showdown part 2: Wix and SquareSpace

About 13 years ago a small startup company from Israel called…

CMS SEO showdown! Which is the best one for starting a website? Part 1: WordPress

Content management systems (CMS). A very popular approach many…
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7 basic SEO principles to know for voice search

Voice search is a unique factor that influences your SEO potential.…

How to swim the ocean of SEO data and not drown: An SEO lore guide

This is an article about articles. A guide of guides. The most…
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Google manual penalty recovery guide

We know you're an A student of SEO that always attempts to do…
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Google algorithm recovery tips and lore

So, you're doing great in your SEO endeavors. Your websites rank…
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How much YMYL does your content EAT and is it healthy?

If this sounds like a strange question, that's because it is.…
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How does Googlebot and Crawling dynamics work according to Google (video)

Another "myth busting" video by Google, this time explaining…