Why you simply can’t do SEO without a SERP tracker

As many of you know, search on Google is heavily personalized…

3 steps to level up your sales pitch to new clients using secret SEO intel

So, today we’ll talk about a few great ways you can use our…

Reverse-engineer search and discover your hidden organic traffic

As you may have heard, we at ProRankTracker, have recently come…
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How to choose the right Rank tracking tool for your SEO agency

Today we’ll talk about a subject that occasionally pops up…

The power of Branding your SEO rankings reports with your logo

Are you proud of your company's brand? I hope you are because…
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Top 5 common mistakes people do when using a rank tracker

Here are 5 common mistakes people make when using a rank tracker.…
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Google is hiding ranks from you, time to get them back!

Let’s talk about something important. Let’s talk about getting all…

MyRanks is now available starting Silver plan, with 10 newly supported languages

We are glad to announce that we have decided to allow access…
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Local rank tracking vs. Global rank tracking

Part IV - Local vs. Global In the 4th and final part, I’m…
sub accounts

Released: Sub-Accounts!

A major agency-level addition to PRT - Sub-Accounts! The Sub-Accounts…
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We’re upgrading our network to bring you unmatched rank tracking services

This upgrade is required for us to broaden our network capacity,…
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Google, Bing and Yahoo! walk into a bar

Part III — Yahoo and Bing Google, Bing and Yahoo! walk into…
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How to see the bigger picture of your SEO with mobile rank tracking!

The second part will deal with a subject many unfortunately neglect.…
new bulk add

Added: New Bulk Add options!

New options to bulk add URLs&Terms, added to Add (Desktop) ,…
daily indexed

Addition to the Daily Breakdown report – Historical Indexed URL data!

The addition can be found on "Daily Breakdown" report (Reports->Progress->Daily…